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What is Special About the Tulum Ruins?

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

What Makes Tulum Ruins Unique?

Tulum Ruins are a Mayan settlement perched on a 12 meter (39ft) tall cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea and offer unmatched beauty compared to other Mayan ruins. Inhabited between the 15th and 17th centuries, Tulum's cultural and religious significance are rooted in history and a must see for all travellers.

The Beauty of Tulum’s Location

Built on a unique cliffside, Tulum Ruins presents a remarkable views overlooking the aqua blue Caribbean Sea. The breathtaking location paints an unforgettable image of and ancient Mayan civilisation living in harmony with nature. Views from the cliff are of white sand beaches and aqua blue seas.

The view from the Tulum Ruins, both beautiful and unique

The Tulum Archaeological Site

Within the walls of Tulum, you can explore structures like El Castillo, the Temple of the Frescoes, and the Temple of the Descending God reflect the architectural brilliance of the ancient Mayans. Each building echoes the cultural depth of this Mayan civilization and with a private guide at your side, you will receive stories and anecdotes that will bring the ruins to life.

Tulum Ruins archeological site and beautiful grounds

The Tulum Murals

Mayan culture comes alive in the vibrant murals of Tulum that without a guide you might miss. These artistic expressions provide insights into the Mayans' worldview, spirituality, and everyday life. From elaborate depictions of Mayan deities to scenes of daily life, the murals are living stories etched on the walls of Tulum.

Why Visit Tulum with a Private Tour?

A private tour of Tulum offers advantages that enrich your understanding of this historical treasure. With a knowledgeable guide, you unlock deeper insights into Mayan culture and history. A private tour enhances your experience, making your visit not just a sightseeing excursion but a journey into the heart of a fascinating ancient civilization.

What is Special About the Tulum Ruins?

Tulum's uniqueness lies in its breathtaking location, rich cultural heritage, spiritual significance, and stunning architectural marvels. Each aspect of Tulum invites you to explore a time that has passed but still echoes through the ruins. If you are looking to explore the beauty of the Caribbean and the mystery of the Mayan civilization, there is no better place than the Tulum ruins.

Our Tulum Ruins Tour

Experience the magic of Tulum with our private Tulum Ruins and Adventure Tour. Dive deeper into the heart of the Mayan civilization and have an adventure snorkeling underground or going to a cenote park where you will swim through and fly over (on a zip-line) crystal clear cenotes.

Visit Tulum Ruins Tour and Adventure Page for more information and to book your tour.


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