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Tulum Ruins + Adventure Tour

Discover Mayan civilazations and explore fresh water cenotes.

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Tulum Ruins view 103
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Tulum Ruins + Adventure

Your tour will begin being picked you up at your hotel lobby and driven in a private vehicle as your guide gives you a brief overview of the history of the Mayans and the significance of the walled city of Tulum. Once in Tulum, you will explore the ruins with your guide. 

After you are finished exploring the ruins and beautiful views, you will be taken to your choice of an adventure park where you can swim in freshwater cenotes, zipline through the jungle and canoe in a beautiful lagoon. Or learn about the Mayan underground and snorkel through a local cave.  No matter what you decide, it will be an amazing day! 

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Book 7 days in advance • Save 25%!
Adults (16+) - $225
Children (6-16) - $145
Children under 6 - $20

All tours have limited availability.

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Private guide

Private Driver


4-5 hours

Tulum Ruins

You’ll stop and gasp in awe the minute you see the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea from the cliffs of the Tulum ruins! Every photo requires zero filters. Walk through over 1,500 years of history these ruins and one of the few enclosed cities built by the Mayas. Tulum, which means “wall” in Mayan, is an ancient trading post with walls on three sides and the fourth side, a 12-meter cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea! Tulum was built to be a fortress and first settled in the 6th century. Tulum prospered under Mayapán influence in the 13th century and thus making it an important trading center for goods such as cotton, foodstuffs, copper bells, axes, and cacao beans.

As you stroll through the manicured paths of the complex you will eventually find yourself looking out over the cliff at the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean. (Depending on Covid restrictions this may not be allowed, but if open, you can actually take the stairs down from the cliff that leads you to the beach area below where you can dip your toes into the water. Again subject to availability). The Tulum ruins is not only on of the more picturesque archeological sites, but it can also be seen in about an hour. Your private guide will also give you a tour but take your time for selfies, breathtaking photos, and to breathe in the salty ocean air.

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Choose your Adventure

Cenote Park

If you are looking for something a little more extreme with a little bit of everything this is it! Get ready for some zip lines, cliff jumping, swimming, and canoeing, all in one afternoon! Your private guide will take you through a series of cenotes where you are guided through the various activities. Owned and operated by a local native community, you will have the opportunity to visit a traditional Mayan home and see how the Mayans lived before it was inhabited by the Spanish.

Underground Snorkeling

Enjoy a snorkeling experience in a gorgeous cenote and take photographs that will make you an instant hit on Instagram. A cenote is a natural sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone that exposes openings to water underground. We have discovered one that has developed over a natural underground river system, allowing your private guide to take you snorkeling through crystal clear water discovering ancient rock formations and gorgeous caverns. Suitable for all ages, we will provide you with a wetsuit, life jacket, mask, snorkel, and everything you need to explore the cave system. All you need to bring is a sense of adventure and minimal ability to swim.

What's Included 

    Pickup at your hotel by a private driver and transportation.

    Park entrance with no waiting in line

    Underground Snorkelling or Cenote Park

    Drinks and snacks available throughout the day

    Your own private certified archaeological guide

    Towels, life jackets, and water shoes provided if you’ve planned a water activity. 

What to Bring

Please complete the form to apply for a position with us.

    Comfortable shoes


    Bathing suit


    Sun protective clothing



    Extra money for souvenirs

    Sense of adventure

Tulum Tour Avail Form

How to Book

As a private tour company, we are limited in the number of tours available. Please check availability. If we have availability, we ask for a $90 deposit to hold the tour with the remaining due on the day of the tour at pick up. 

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